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Happy New Year!

January 01, 2018
        I hope everyone survived New Year's Eve and is waking up without a terrible hangover. Mrs. Chatterbox and I went to see "Darkest Hour" at eight p.m. (It was great).  We were home to see the ball drop at midnight.   I hope everyone has a safe, rewarding and serene 2018. Happy New Year from Casa Chatterbox.           Follow my blog with Bloglovin   ...

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January 03, 2018
  I’m a creature of habit, and once I find a product I like I’m intensely loyal. I’m also usually out of the mainstream and whatever I like isn’t popular. When Mrs. Chatterbox and I shop for furniture I always make a dash to the clearance room, where something often catches my eye.   Over the years, many of my favorite food items have vanished. I understand that nothing lasts forever but it seems this happens to me far too frequently. My favorite childhood candy, Caravel Bar, has long since been discontinued, along with my beloved Roman Raspberry wine which I once purchased by the case and enjoyed nightly. Right before Christmas my favorite hazelnut coffee creamer was discontinued.   Today I&rsquo ...

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A Milestone and an Announcement

January 05, 2018
  Although many of you post every day and have long since achieved this milestone, I’m proud to announce my thousandth post here at Chubby Chatterbox. In 2011 my son CJ encouraged me to create a blog to create an audience for my writing, which I seem to be doing less and less these days.             Over the years I’ve met many great people online and I treasure the friendships I’ve made. I’ve been uplifted by the powerful and often humorous sentiments of my fellow bloggers and I’ve felt warmly embraced. Many of you have commented enthusiastically when I’ve shared stories of my childhood, our travels and my passion for art, while others provid ...

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