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Rubbed in Innsbruck

June 29, 2015
Maximilian I
Maximilian I





Before our arrival, I didn’t know much about Innsbruck, other than two winter Olympics and many other Alpine sporting events had been held here. I learned the city’s name came from the Latin for bridge on the Inn River, and that the city, founded during the Stone Age, became important in the fifteenth century when the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (1486-1519), moved his capital here. That’s Maximilian pictured above. We were not going in winter so I didn’t know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to discover a marvelous city, one that would be our second favorite on this trip.





Innsbruck Ski Jump


I don’t ski, but the thought of zooming down this slope is terrifying. You can’t see it in the picture and it wasn’t shown on TV during the Winter Olympics in ’64 or ’76, but there is a cemetery beneath the jump. No doubt it inspires jumpers to be cautious.




 Downtown Innsbruck



 Emperor Maximilian’s Golden Roof


The city is surrounded by Alps on all sides, with a pedestrian zone running the length of downtown. When finished shopping we took a cable car up the mountain for a spectacular view of Innsbruck. We were above the clouds and I had to wait for a break to get my picture. It was cold up there and I ordered a whisky at a small restaurant. They served me an import—Jack Daniels.



View of Innsbruck from a mountain top


After returning to the valley floor we toured a cathedral with Maximilian’s Cenotaph (a tomb-like monument to someone buried elsewhere) and The Black Men. I don’t know why he chose not to be buried here, but The Black Men, which included women, represented Maximilian’s ancestors. The idea was to glorify the Habsburgs in the manner of Roman emperors; forty bronze sculptures were planned, but only eleven realized because Maximilian ran out of money. The statues are life-size and exceptionally realistic, and looked like they might move at any minute. I wouldn’t want to visit at night. Women have rubbed shiny the hands of the female statues in the belief this would make them fertile.



Maximilian I Cenotaph




Women Included with The Black Men




The Black Men




I can only guess why this guy’s codpiece has been rubbed shiny.





On a separate note, I’d like to wish Mrs. Chatterbox a Happy Anniversary. Thanks for forty-one years of love, fun and adventure.






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Amazing view. And seeing the ski jump without snow is almost surreal. Hopefully it was all women rubbing that guy's crotch. Happy anniversary!
By: Alex J. Cavanaugh on June 29, 2015
Amazing views high and low. The pedestrian zone is a wonderful idea. Certainly looks like an inviting space. The level of detail on those statues is intricate. Lots of rubbing going on in Innsbruck. Happy Anniversary!
By: Daniel LaFrance on June 29, 2015
Oh look at that young picture of you and your wife. Your eyes still have that sparkle. I look at the pictures of this place and thought, "My but does that look a lot like Portland or what?" I only bring that up because maybe subconsciously both of you liked it so much because it reminds you of home? Look at how green and hilly it is and you'll see the resemblance.
By: Michael Offutt on June 29, 2015
wow- those sculpture are amazing! Happy Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs C! You two are very lucky and I am not rubbing it in! ( sorry just could not help myself!)
By: Kathe W. on June 29, 2015
Wow! That's a beautiful city. Happy Anniversary! Love, Janie
By: Janie Junebug on June 29, 2015
happy anniversary to you two!
By: TexWisGirl on June 29, 2015
Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: fishducky on June 29, 2015
A belated but no less sincere "Happy Anniversary" to you and Mrs. C. I LOVE that final photo. As for the rest, I've way behind on my reading and I have to tell you your travel blogs are giving me so many ideas for where to visit. We've been trying to decide what European cities we'd like to see. Thanks!
By: Mitchell is Moving on June 29, 2015
I'd need a shot of Jack to hit that ski jump. Funny about the cod piece. Congrats on 41 years. You look like you were married at 15...what are the odds?
By: cranky on June 29, 2015
At first I though this was the location of The Agony of Defeat footage. My BFF Google says I am mistaken. Your view from the mountaintop takes my breath away. I need a whiskey.
By: Val on June 29, 2015
Happy anniversary, you two. SWMBO and I have 44 in so far. When we were in Innsbruck we fell in with a group of locals who were drinking beer and singing. The only gal in the group was an excellent yodeler. SWMBO and I woke up the next day with horrible hangovers! Damned high altitude drinking!
By: Catalyst on June 29, 2015
Happy Anniversary to the Chatterbox two! We have not been to Innsbruck so we especially appreciated your post today. If women rubbed the hands of the female statues, who do we assume rubbed the male knight?
By: Tom Cochrun on June 29, 2015
Oh my goodess. Such a sweet photo of the two of you! Just precious.
By: Tabor on June 29, 2015
Happy Anniversary to the happy couple. Sure glad you explained the cod piece. I was having strange thoughts at the odd sight. Good to see some women among the Black Men. How today of them to be included.
By: Akansas Patti on June 29, 2015
Happy Anniversary! Innsbruck looks like it would be a favorite of mine, too, if i'd been able to get there.
By: mimi on June 29, 2015
Happy anniversary you guys!
By: The Bug on June 29, 2015
Happy Anniversary! I heard a lot of movie stars hang out in Innsbruck. I can see why. Just beautiful.
By: Linda on June 29, 2015
Happy anniversary! And now I have to very sternly scold you: when in Austria, you do not drink Jack Daniels. You drink Stroh Rum! Don'tcha know anything???
By: Pixel Peeper on June 29, 2015
Those Austrian and Bavarian towns are truly beautiful. And happy anniversary!
By: Botanist on June 29, 2015
By: red on June 29, 2015
Codpiece? Is that a euphemism? I like it. Happy anniversary! It's rare that a couple is together for decades. Keep celebrating. PS The photos are spectacular.
By: Robyn Engel on June 29, 2015
41 years with you? Whoa...or is it more of a matter of woe? Since I am a rather polite feller, I will go with the first option (with the expectation of a bigger amount on the next check).
By: Jerry E. Beuterbaugh on June 30, 2015
Great set of photos, looks like an interesting place to visit. Very beautiful too. Wow 41 years is a long time, congratulations to you both!
By: LL Cool Joe on June 30, 2015
Dang, We're not traveling enough. This is a beautiful place.
By: Rick on June 30, 2015
Amazing city, amazing couple. Happy Anniversary. :)
By: Scott Park on July 1, 2015
Innsbruck looks beautiful. I love how European cities and villages are so clean. Happy Anniversary to you two. You look like kids in that photo...then again I guess you were!!
By: Bouncin Barb on July 5, 2015
This post brought back some lovely memories for me as my hubby and I went there when he was in the military. It was winter when we went and cold but none the less beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
By: Beckie Evans on July 7, 2015

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