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Peculiar Pictures #54 & #55 & #56

November 28, 2016

















My mother, known to followers of this blog as Grandma Chatterbox, is having health issues that will require a move to a facility where she can receive better care. I’ve been too busy to write anything for today’s post, but here are a few more Peculiar Pictures from my illustration files.  




Bait (Acrylic and collage)




Hitting the Target (Acrylic)





Rolling the Dice (Acrylic)









Giveaway painting



Only two weeks remain for my holiday giveaway. Check out the details on winning this painting (here).





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So sorry to hear about your mom- as my Grandmother used to say "Getting old is NOT for sissies" ( she lived into her mid 90's) Wishing your Mom well and you and Mrs C too- your Mom is lucky to have such a caring son.
By: Kathe W. on November 28, 2016
I hope your mom feels better. Those are some peculiar pictures. I wish there were money fish out there; I'd spent all my free time fishing then.
By: PT Dilloway on November 28, 2016
I was disappointing in the bullseye painting, it seemed so simplistic and un-CC twist. Then I saw it with the funnel and thought, that is the CC I know. Good stuff. Good luck with your mom, hope she recovers to her feisty old self and continues to drive you crazy.
By: cranky on November 28, 2016
Prayers for your mother. And I could use one of those funnel things the next time I take up archery
By: sage on November 28, 2016
Sorry to hear that about your mother. Hope the move goes smoothly for all involved. Great images!
By: Alex J. Cavanaugh on November 28, 2016
hard to do but necessary.
By: Ellen Abbott on November 28, 2016
I hope the move goes well and that your mom doesn't treat the staff too badly. In some facilities, certain staff members move very slowly when they're needed by a difficult patient. Love, Janie
By: Janie Junebug on November 28, 2016
Hope your mom does well there. As always, I love your paintings!!
By: fishducky on November 28, 2016
Sorry to hear about your mother. Blimey that guy with the bow and arrow looks like Trump!
By: LL Cool Joe on November 28, 2016
Hi, I've come across from Sage's blog. So sorry to learn about your mum ... My good wishes All the best Jan
By: lowcarbdiabeticJan on November 28, 2016
Praying for your mother, and you as you work through this crisis. Your paintings continue to fascinate and amaze me!
By: messymimi on November 28, 2016
It's always a tough time to look after the elderly particularly when they have to be moved. All the best.
By: Kline on November 28, 2016
Hope this move will be helpful for your Mom. Sending you and her hugs and best wishes. Love your out of the box paintings.
By: Arkansas Patti on November 28, 2016
Best wishes to Grandma Chatterbox. And keep those peculiar pictures coming!
By: Tom Sightings on November 28, 2016
Sorry to hear about your mother, Stephen. As we used to say back in the 60's, keep the faith, baby.
By: Catalyst on November 28, 2016
Good luck to your mom with both her new place and her medical issues. And to you, too - this can be a rough transition for not only the patient but all the family. All the best.
By: jenny_o on November 28, 2016
Thank you for providing an update on your mother. May her transition proceed smoothly and her health only improve. Family always comes first. Take care of yourself and your family.
By: Daniel LaFrance on November 28, 2016
Sorry to hear that your mom has to switch facilities. From the tales we've heard, I can imagine that she won't be happy about the change for a while. I hope everything works out for the best, and that she is back in your stories when the time is right. I am sending positive thoughts her way, whether she wants them or not, because... well... she's a mom. As for your peculiar pictures, I like the concept of Rolling the Dice, but I like the looks of the Bait best.
By: Val on November 28, 2016
We wish the best to your mother and you. Hope the new arrangements are satisfactory. Thanks for sharing more of your wonderful art.
By: Tom Cochrun on November 28, 2016
So sorry to hear about your mom. Sadly, it's a trip we all eventually take, right?
By: Al Penwasser on November 29, 2016
Wishing an easy transition to the new facility for your mom...and you!
By: Pixel Peeper on November 29, 2016
Your giveaway painting looks more and more beautiful every time I see it. The others are intriguing - especially Hitting the Target. Take care and I hope things go smoothly with your Mother's move.
By: Robyn Engel on November 29, 2016
I'm sorry for your mother. I feel for you too, having to cope with the issues with her, and hope that she settles down quickly in the new facilities. I love the pictures. I like surreal pictures or pictures with a point to them.
By: Jenny on November 29, 2016
I'm sorry to hear about Grandma Chatterbox. It's so sad that we all have to grow old :-(
By: Bee BB Bee on December 3, 2016

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