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My novel is based on a true event, arguably the greatest maritime mystery of all time. In 1872 the crew and passengers of Boston brigantine Mary Celeste abandoned their seaworthy ship and its valuable cargo, vanishing in the middle of the Atlantic. Speculation over their fate has never abated. History records that after the Mary Celeste tragedy no one from that fateful voyage was ever seen again. History is about to be rewritten…

Return of the Mary Celeste


Tragedy struck the brigantine Mary Celeste on the morning of November 25, 1872. The hourly log was later recovered from the deserted vessel; At 8 a.m. the last notation was made. By 9 a.m. no one remained aboard to chalk the next entry.

Something had terrified Captain Benjamin Briggs and his crew, prompting the seasoned skipper to make a decision certain to affect not only himself, his ship and crew, but his family as well—his wife and two year old daughter were aboard Mary Celeste. Much ink has been spilled in fanciful and scientific attempts to explain the calamity that engulfed this perfectly seaworthy ship, yet all that is known for certain is this: in a matter of minutes Captain Briggs became convinced that the only way to save their lives was by ordering everyone into a hastily launched lifeboat. By giving the order to abandon ship, he also launched the greatest of all maritime mysteries.

On December 5, 1872, a month after leaving New York Harbor, Mary Celeste was found drifting on a calm and empty sea. The ship was in fine condition, perfectly intact with valuable cargo safely stored in her hold, but the crew and passengers had vanished. None were ever seen again.

Until now….

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Giveaway Update

November 7, 2016

We’ve reached the halfway point for my giveaway; time for an update. Below is a list of those who’ve indicated an interest in owning this painting. Some of you have offered encouragement without directly stating an interest in participating so I might not have entered you. If you don’t see your name and want to be included, please let me know and I’ll add you to the list.


My goal for this giveaway is to increase my followers on the Blogger Follower widget, which can be found on the right sidebar under Chubby Chasers ( here ). Just follow the URL to the widget and click the blue box that reads Follow. The winner must be posted on the widget to win. A few folks have said the widget wasn’t working, yet seven people have managed to add their names. If it wasn’t working properly before, it should be now so please try again if you were unable to add your name.


If you’re a regular follower, already on the widget or just want better odds of winning, or if you’re already following through e-mail or Google+, you can post an announcement for my giveaway on your blog—as several of you have done—and each time someone signs up and identifies you as the source I’ll add your name to the hopper. Several names on this list have been added to the hopper multiple times.


I need twenty-five more people to sign up to reach my goal, and I appreciate all the help many of you have already given. Again, my plan is to pick a winner and have the painting delivered in time for Christmas.




Good luck to all.


Currently entered in my giveaway:



The Broad


Janie Junebug


Lisa D

Rick Watson

Elizabeth Seckman

Tamara Narayan

Elephant’s Child


Mason Canyon

Loren E. Pryce

Kathy W

Bee BB Bee

Sandra Cox

Daniel LaFrance

Val the Victorian

Catalyst (Bruce Taylor)

Phyllis Schmitz


Alex Cavanaugh

Pixel Peeper




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Happy to help spread the word!
By: Alex J. Cavanaugh on November 7, 2016
I would have entered but I don't have anywhere to hang it.
By: PT Dilloway on November 7, 2016
I will have to read the directions again!
By: redKline on November 7, 2016
i've sent an email about it to some friends who might be interested. :)
By: TexWisGirl on November 7, 2016
I am following you, now! I was sent by Theresa of Run*Around*Ranch. I look forward to your posts!
By: McGuffy\'s Reader on November 7, 2016
I do want to showcase you on my blog...I just have to figure out how to do it but I will give it my best shot:)
By: Birgit on November 7, 2016
While I would be proud to have it in my home, Stephen, we just no longer have room so if my name is chosen, choose another one with my compliments.
By: Catalyst on November 7, 2016
Hick is all about original art. He has three paintings by the bartender at the neighborhood bar where he used to hang out before I met him. He had given one to my mom, and made sure my sister the ex-mayor's wife KNEW we were taking it back.
By: Val on November 7, 2016
Good grief- I thought I entered- please add my name! I'm already following..I will see if I can figure out how to add a link back here to help out.
By: Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines on November 8, 2016
Seven new followers is a good start. I hope you get all you want. Love, Janie
By: Janie Junebug on November 8, 2016
Yeay! My fingers are crossed for you to reach your goal. And my goal (the painting).
By: Pixel Peeper on November 8, 2016
Gave you a shout out on my Monday's post. Hope some of my folks show up for this great give away.
By: Arkansas Patti on November 9, 2016
Stephen- I think I am a follower as I get notified on my gmail and yahoo accounts...I'll be posting on my blog your painting and info soon. And I'll follow your instructions on this post...cheers!
By: Kathe W. on November 9, 2016

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