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A Sour Note

December 28, 2015

2015 is ending on a sour note for our thirty-five year old son CJ. On the day after Christmas, CJ collapsed. After spending the holiday with us, he'd left to visit a friend and passed out. He was rushed to the emergency room where a CAT scan showed his brain was bleeding, causing pressure that made him lose consciousness. He was rushed into surgery where a tube was inserted into his head to drain blood and relieve pressure to prevent a stroke. Fortunately, CJ isn't experiencing cognitive trauma. Nurses are constantly peppering him with questions like: Who's the president? What year is it? And so on. Some of the math questions he's answered correctly I would have gotten wrong.


Doctors aren't certain as to the cause of this trauma. None of their tests have revealed an aneurysm; they suspect a blood vessel must have burst, but so far they haven't been able to isolate it so more tests are required. Thankfully, the bleeding has stopped, and it's possible no further surgery will be necessary. CJ will remain in intensive care for two or three weeks, and his recovery will continue for a month or two beyond that. I imagine this will be a life assessing experience for him.


This could have been so much worse, and my blood runs cold when I think of what might have happened had CJ returned home to his apartment and passed out alone. I'm grateful to his friend Laura for immediately calling 911 and summoning the paramedics.


Mrs. Chatterbox and I will be spending considerable time at the hospital to support our son and my blogging will be taking a backseat for a while. I'll keep you all informed as to CJ's progress, but my presence on the Internet will be spotty for the next few weeks.


Mrs. Chatterbox and I both believe in the power of positive thinking, so if you can send good thoughts in CJ's direction we'd appreciate it.


So sorry to hear about CJ. Sending positive thoughts his way.
By: Val on December 28, 2015
CJ will be alright. Hang in there, you guys. Sending my thoughts and prayers your way. :)
By: Manju on December 28, 2015
Fortunate he wasn't alone. Positive thoughts and prayers for CJ.
By: Alex J. Cavanaugh on December 28, 2015
His angels were watching over him. Sending positive thoughts and prayers.
By: Rita on December 28, 2015
So sorry to hear that, Stephen. Positive thoughts coming your way by the barrowload. Hope CJ makes a full recovery.
By: Botanist on December 28, 2015
Your family are in my thoughts and prayers. May your son feel the groundswell of positive thought.
By: Daniel LaFrance on December 28, 2015
Oh my heavens-I am glad the angels were watching over your son. It sounds like he is getting excellent care and that he is healthy overall which will speed up his recovery. Laura deserves a huge hug because she saved his life-it must have been unnerving for her. My prayers and thoughts are with you, your wife and your son and the rest of the family.
By: Birgit on December 28, 2015
I'm so very sorry Stephen. I'm glad he's doing well and hope they can find out what caused it. It's got to be difficult to see your child go through that. My thoughts are with you and Mrs. C. and your son. Please keep us posted.
By: Bouncin Barb on December 28, 2015
My good thoughts are headed your direction. What luck that this didnât cripple his mind or body!
By: Snowbrush on December 28, 2015
Being a parent is NEVER easy--sending positive thoughts your way. If love can cure--& I think it can--CJ will be fine!!
By: fishducky on December 28, 2015
You and your son will be in my prayers.
By: messymimi on December 28, 2015
That is very scary. Sending prayers for a complete recovery!
By: cranky on December 28, 2015
Wow, that's scary! Thank goodness someone was there with him. First I hope they figure out what is causing it, then that they can "fix" it. Positive thoughts coming to CJ and you two.
By: Scott Park on December 28, 2015
Stephen-our prayers are with CJ and you and your wife.
By: Tom Cochrun on December 28, 2015
oh, my goodness! bless him! bless you! and bless his friend who acted quickly and those that cared and care for him!
By: TexWisGirl on December 28, 2015
Sending my best thoughts and wishes for CJ and you and Mrs. Chatterbox! Luckily CJ is in good hands and is getting excellent medical care, so I'm sure his recovery will be just a matter of time. Keep us posted.
By: Pixel Peeper on December 28, 2015
Thinking of you and praying for CJ.
By: Latane on December 28, 2015
oh my gosh- thank goodness he was not alone! I will be thinking about him every day as I do yoga. Take care of yourselves- big hugs coming your way everyday from all of us! xoxo
By: Kathe W. on December 28, 2015
I'm really sorry to hear about CJ. Brain stuff is scary and hard to understand because it's hard for physicians to get a good look at things. It's also a big shock for Mom and Dad. I hope CJ makes a quick and full recovery.
By: red on December 28, 2015
Sending positive thoughts to you and your son. What a scary situation.
By: LL Cool Joe on December 28, 2015
How scary - but how lucky to be with someone when he passed out. All best wishes for your son's complete recovery.
By: jenny_o on December 28, 2015
So very sorry to read this and can only imagine the terrified holiday you have had. My baby boy had a swollen gland incidence when he was very young and days passed with us thinking the worst and it all went away. This will happen for CJ. I am seeing him in my mind walking down the street with a big smile on his face and a renewed respect for each and every day.
By: Tabor on December 29, 2015
Scary news. Hope all goes well from here, and just know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you. Godspeed.
By: Tom Sightings on December 29, 2015
Laurie and Dave told me your news last night, all of your are in our prayers,Colin is a healthy young man and he will pull through this, you and Sue must be besides yourselves I can't imagine, big hugs to all three of you and you will continue to be in our prayers
By: Robin Vaughan on December 29, 2015
I'm so sorry to hear this news and I'm praying that your son makes a speedy recovery! Very scary indeed----thank god he was helped in time!
By: Marcia @ Menopausal Mother on December 29, 2015
Oh no! I return from all of my travels & hear this news about CJ. I'll keep all of you in my prayers.
By: The Bug on December 29, 2015
Good that it doesn't sound too bad. Wishing you all the best.
By: pt dilloway on December 29, 2015
It sounds like his prognosis is good. I sure hope he gets fully recovered much sooner than later. Please do what you can to guard against putting the health of you and Mrs. C in danger during this trial.
By: Jerry E. Beuterbaugh on December 29, 2015
I am so sorry CJ, you and the Mrs. are going through this but am so grateful that he recieved care so quickly. May he heal quickly and completely. My thoughts and prayers are with you..
By: Arkansas Patti on December 29, 2015
So saddened to hear about your son, Stephen. Events like this put all other life 'problems' into perspective. Sending healing thoughts from the UK.
By: Bryan Jones on December 30, 2015
Prayers with CJ and with you and your wife during this time.
By: Sage on December 30, 2015
That's incredibly scary. I'm sorry you've all been going thru this. He's too young to have any major health problems. At any rate, I also believe, and have experienced, the power of positive thinking. My healing thoughts are on the way.
By: Robyn Engel on December 30, 2015
Hope by now he's recovering well and you can once again breathe. Healing thoughts to all of you
By: Magpie on December 31, 2015
Praying for a great recovery..Miracles happen each day, it was meant for your sons friend to find him and help him..He will be changed forever, With everything that happens to a person is a reason and a lesson, sorry he is experiencing this and praying and chanting for a full recovery and a happy 2016! Praying for you and yours tooo! Peace out!
By: mjs on January 1, 2016
Holy moly. I'm so glad he's responding. That is scary. If we lived closer, I'd be asking if i need to check your mail, feed the dogs, water the plants, or bring you all food. As it it, I'll keep CJ, you, and your family in my thoughts. R
By: Rick Watson on January 1, 2016
Oh Stephen, I can't imagine how you and Mrs. C are feeling. I just read your recent comment over at Sage's blog and rushed right over to see what has happened. I am so sorry your boy is struggling through this. Sending hugs to all of you, and healing thoughts to CJ.
By: Hilary on January 30, 2016
/Thoughts with your family as your son recovers from his illness. You are the 2nd blogger whose adult son has suffered the health crisis. Sweet Tea is the name of blog,
By: wheets on February 3, 2016

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